Bartlett IL Concrete Construction | Filling In The Cracks: DIY Concrete Repair Tips

One of the many advantages of choosing concrete as a building material around your home is its longevity. The fact that concrete lasts much longer than other materials makes it a smart investment and gives you the peace of mind you need as a homeowner. Although concrete is a stylish and durable material, there are still instances when damage or cracks may develop. Fortunately, cracked concrete is a fairly easy fix. Here are a few tips on concrete crack repair to help you get your home looking great again. 

Handling Hairline Cracks

For a hairline concrete crack repair, you can use a combination of water and cement. First, plan to keep the cracked area moistened with water for several hours before the repair; just don’t use so much water that it starts to accumulate on the surface. Next, use a trowel to apply the damp cement mixture, filling in the crack and smoothing out the surface while it’s still pliable. Cover the patch with plastic and allow it to dry for several hours. Moisten the area once per day for five days, leaving it covered the rest of the time. After five days, the surface should be fully cured and can be uncovered for final drying. 

Correcting Cracks in Concrete Walls

If the crack is smaller than one-inch wide, it will need to be enlarged before it can be repaired. Widen the crack with a hammer and chisel. As you chip away at the surface, work to widen the bottom of the crack more than the top, to create a better mechanical bond between the patch and original slab. Continue chiseling the crack until it’s one-inch deep and free of all debris. Then, clean the area with a water hose and apply a concrete adhesive. If for some reason you’re not using an adhesive, be sure to keep the area moist. If the cracks are on the smaller side, use premixed cement for the patch, smoothing it over with a trowel. As the concrete dries, use a brush to replicate the texture of the original wall surface.

Dealing with Driveway Cracks

Driveways are built to withstand heavy amounts of weight for an extended period of time. As such, it’s important to address the base of the crack to make sure your repair can withstand weight in the future. Opting for gravel instead of sand in your concrete mixture will help reinforce your repair efforts. Similar to a wall crack, if the crack is bigger than one inch, it will need to be made slightly larger before it can be repaired. Spray it down with a hose to ensure that all dirt and loose debris are removed, then scrub it clean. Use a paintbrush to apply a concrete adhesive, allowing it to dry slightly so that it becomes tacky. Once you have a good, sticky surface, add water to your premixed concrete and patch the crack. Do not drive or park over the repair for at least five days.

For additional help with your concrete repair project or more DIY tips, contact G-CAT Construction today!


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Bartlett IL Concrete Construction | The Difference Between Concrete and Cement

Have you ever tackled a big DIY home project? Maybe you’ve poured a foundation for a shop, installed new countertops, or set posts for a new fence. If so, chances are that along the way, your project led you to your local big-box store to grab supplies. As you stared at the bags of paper-wrapped building materials, you may have wondered whether you needed concrete or cement to complete your project. Is there a difference between the two materials or are they interchangeable? 

It’s not surprising that most people use the terms “concrete” and “cement” interchangeably. While both materials are widely used in the construction and DIY industries, they are quite different from one another. 

Concrete is typically referred to as a composite material because it consists of water, aggregate, and cement. Sand, crushed stone, and rock make up the aggregate substance. 

You’ll find concrete just about everywhere, as it can last for hundreds of years under the right conditions. Today, we frequently use it for larger projects such as building bridges, laying sidewalks, and pouring foundations for a home. Contractors can create molds that form concrete into the desired shape, like a new walkway or a set of steps. It can be used in a variety of weather conditions ranging from extreme cold to consistently heavy rain. Special binding agents can also be added to the mixture to give it extra strength and durability. Some variations of concrete will cure or harden in mere hours as opposed to days, which comes in handy when time is of the essence.

Cement, on the other hand, is an adhesive or binding agent that contains limestone, silicone, clay, and iron. These ingredients are superheated to a temperature of about 2,700° in large, industrial kilns. When the material is removed from the kiln, it is broken up into a powder and gypsum is added, giving cement its familiar grayish color. Once water is added, it creates a paste that hardens fairly quickly. 

Portland cement is the most common and widely used form of cement. As it is a hydraulic cement, it can even harden underwater and provide strength in the wettest of conditions. It’s common to see cement in blends of concrete, stuccos, and mortar. Cement is generally the go-to material for smaller-sized projects such as grout or repairing cracks in concrete surfaces.

The next time you find yourself faced with a home improvement or repair project that requires concrete or cement, you’ll know which is appropriate for the job. If you need help, or have questions, contact G-CAT Construction. We’ll help you choose the best product for your specific needs. 


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Bartlett IL Concrete Construction | The World’s Most Amazing Concrete Structures

Since its creation thousands of years ago, concrete has been used throughout the world and by hundreds of different civilizations. As time progressed, the strength and intricacy of concrete structures became an awe-inspiring part of history. 

Here are just a few of the more modernized examples of concrete construction around the world. 

Building: Burj Khalifa

Standing at a height of 2,722 feet, the 163-story Burj Khalifa became the tallest building in the world when it was completed in 2009. The foundation was built from the combined weight of more than 110,000 tons of concrete and steel, with 192 piles buried more than 164 feet deep. Burj Khalifa’s construction used a total of 431,600 cubic yards of concrete and 39,000 tons of steel rebar. The construction timeline took a staggering 22 million man-hours to complete. With statistics like that, it’s no surprise why the Burji Khalifa easily became the largest skyscraper in the world.

Structure: Three Gorges Dam

The Chinese province of Hubei houses the world’s largest concrete dam. Completed in 2012, the Three Gorges Dam contains over 3,700 cubic yards of concrete, making it one of the heaviest concrete structures in the world. With construction starting in 1994, the dam was designed for power and flood control. It’s responsible for an annual power-generation capacity of 84.7 TWh, which reduces coal consumption by 31 million tons per year and helps to prevent 100 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bridge: Beipan River Bridge

This bridge on the Guanxing Highway near Xingbei Town was built with a concrete cable-stayed connection and carries four lanes of traffic. Sitting at a height of 1,200 feet and spanning a length of over 1,200 feet long, it is the world’s highest bridge. This world record-holding concrete 

structure reduces travel times between popular Chinese cities from four hours to a little over an hour. 

Concrete can be used in amazing ways for a myriad of projects, ranging from small DIY construction to significant structures that will last thousands of years into the future. For a quote on your next construction project, contact G-CAT Construction today. 


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Bartlett IL Concrete Construction | Improve Any Yard With These Simple Garden Paths & Walkways

Ask anyone who’s invested time and money into renovating their yard, and they will tell you how much of a slippery slope even the “simplest” of renovations can be. Whether it’s time, labor, finances, or a combination of the three, transforming your yard can be an endeavor. Luckily, there are simplified ways to transform your outside space that don’t sacrifice quality.

Before you get started on your next DIY project, keep these simplified garden walkway tips in mind. 

Stepping Stones

One of the quickest options for a DIY walkway is to use stepping stones. Laying large pieces of stone or concrete in a pattern of your choosing can easily be completed in an afternoon without the need for significant future maintenance. Before you get started, make sure to measure the distance of the path to figure out how many stones will be necessary. Stepping stones can also be placed directly onto your grass or sod. 


Building a walkway is a project that offers many creative options throughout the building process. Start by determining what you’d like your border to be made of: concrete, brick, stone, and metal are common materials but many other options exist for your choosing. Let your creativity flow while you create your path’s design with the material of your choosing.

Combine Different Options

The creative options that make up building a garden path are limitless. A great example would be to use a combination of concrete stepping stones with a rock border and mulch or gravel to fill in the areas between the steps. Natural grass can be used as a filler for a more natural-looking “planted path.” There’s no right or wrong combination; just do what works for you!

A simple yard renovation such as a garden path should remain just that: simple. Combined with a creative mind, it can complement any backyard or garden in as little as a few hours. Think outside of the box to make the landscaping project your own. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help. Contact G-CAT Construction today.


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Bartlett IL Concrete Construction | Is Concrete Your Best Option?

A lot of consideration goes into outdoor home improvement projects. Professionally done or even DIY options have many considerations to address before starting any work. A big step in the process is deciding the materials that will be used for your project. Appearance is important in outdoor projects, but with so many factors to consider it can be hard to choose a material to use for your project. Concrete is an option growing in popularity, but some still have doubts. G-CAT Construction will answer the question: is concrete your best option?

Why Concrete?

Whether you’re working on a patio, a driveway, or even an outdoor staircase, which are all areas with potentially high foot traffic. Many options exist in a material sense for all of the aforementioned outdoor projects, but none meet all the needs overall like concrete can. Maintenance, price, and even in versatility, concrete can meet just about everyone’s outdoor project needs.


At first thought, most people conjure images of sidewalks and how plain and simple they are. Concrete is surprisingly versatile in that it can replicate the appearance of stone, brick, wood, and many other options. Areas such as driveways or patios no longer have to have a standard, plain square concrete look, as curvatures, shapes, patterns, and colors can all be added to modify even the most standard looking driveways and patios.


The cost or budget can be a determining factor of the project in almost every way. Materials, labor costs, and maintenance are three areas that can determine the outcome of a project. The cost of materials for concrete can beat most options upfront, and those cheaper options fail to compare to concrete in the long run. Most concrete projects such as patios have a general lifespan of 30 years before they will need to be replaced. The maintenance costs are significantly lower as well. Concrete generally requires a single, yearly cleaning and seal to maintain it for the year. Compared to other options like wood that needs consistent touch-ups and reseals to keep it presentable all year, only to need a replacement a few years later.

When considering material types for outdoor projects, concrete tends to stand about the rest. Concrete’s versatility, cost, maintenance, and longevity combine to make it the ideal choice for most outdoor projects. If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote, contact G-CAT Construction today for more information. 


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Bartlett IL Concrete Construction | What to Expect When Working With a Concrete Specialist

One of the most important building materials ever to be created, concrete is cost-effective, durable, and extremely versatile. Still used thousands of years after its invention, concrete has helped us build roadways, houses, buildings, and entire cities, constructing civilization as we know it. No one understands the amazing power of concrete better than a specialist. When you work with our team of concrete experts, you can expect the same level of solid construction, where our professionalism and excellence will be just as sturdy as the concrete we use for your projects.

A good concrete specialist will have a great deal of experience in all kinds of concrete work and will be there at every step in the process, from mixing to the final product. They will also have the know-how to choose the best type of concrete for the job.

We offer many concrete and stone solutions to help ensure that we create the look, feel, and durability that you want for your project. We also have experience in pouring correctly for smooth surfaces that will last.

Gone are the days of drab, grey concrete too. Nowadays, our concrete specialists will also know how to create beautiful designs in patterns and colors to suit your taste. You will be able to pick which patterns, textures, and colors match the overall feel of your surroundings to create a final product that is as beautiful as it is secure.  

There really is no end to what you can accomplish with concrete and the right know-how from a professional. A concrete specialist will also be able to give you insight on your project, informing you about the amount of work done and while finishing the project in a timely manner and with the highest level of quality. Contractors also have the knowledge and tools to make sure proper techniques are used and safety is maintained throughout the project.

When combined with your style and needs, all of this expertise can give you a beautiful, and lasting final product. If you want to work with a concrete specialist you can trust, contact G-CAT Construction and get started on a concrete project of your own.  


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Concrete Contractor Bartlett | 3 Ways to Solve Your Lackluster Curb Appeal With Decorative Stone

Concrete Contractor Bartlett | 3 Ways to Solve Your Lackluster Curb Appeal With Decorative Stone

We’ve all driven past those houses that make you slow down for a better look. With beautiful driveways and elegant stonework, it’s common to wish your own home had some of these amazing aesthetic features. An easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal is to use decorative stone in your landscaping. Here, we’ll give you a few suggestions on the best ways to use stone that we think you’ll love to see on your own property.

1.) Patios, Paths, and Driveways

A great way to enhance any ordinary patio work, stone pavers can create attractive looking pathways on your property. Great for their durability, stone pavers are also easy to clean and blend in with the natural surroundings very well.

2.) Fire & Water Features

Stone is a great choice for fireplaces and firepits as it can withstand a lot of heat, is easy to clean, and is extremely durable against the elements. As beautiful as it is durable, a stone fire feature can help your yard look more professional and elegant.

Stone is also a great option for water features, such as waterfalls, ponds, and pools. Use stone to create a border around your swimming pool that accentuates the natural surroundings, or create an entirely unique waterfall or fountain. The choices are nearly endless.

3.) Gardens

You can create a seriously amazing, not to mention personalized, garden with decorative stone and a little bit of work. You can add a stone pathway between rows of plants to help keep your shoes clean, or create raised beds from stone that keep areas of your garden above the ground. Stone can also be used as edging to separate between different sections of your garden.

If you’re interested in learning more about the many ways you can use stone to spruce up your landscaping, contact our Hoffman Estates concrete office. We can work with you to create a visually stunning plan that takes your space to the next level.

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Arlington Heights Concrete | Concrete Beauty Tips

Arlington Heights Concrete

Concrete is no longer the boring, gray material you think of. With all new techniques for creating unique designs and  colors, concrete has quickly solidified itself as one of the most versatile building materials on the market. Homeowners have begun to adopt concrete construction for both indoor and outdoor projects as a way of adding style to their homes. Below, we’ll outline a few of the ways that you can use concrete for your own home beautification.

When considering a concrete option, many people may envision a patio, entryway, or even countertop. These are all amazing options for your concrete project. Our team can help plan and design any of these options for you, ensuring that they meet your requirements. Among the benefits of using concrete for these kinds of projects is their weather resistant nature, affordability, and customizable designs.

Decorative concrete allows you to decide on the perfect color and pattern to achieve the look you want without spending all the money usually required to make it happen. Stains, dyes, textures and patterns have allowed the modern consumer to create a concrete project that looks like natural stone, spanish tiles, and even hardwood flooring.

G-CAT construction can also utilize our talents in decorative stone work to help build you a retaining wall that is as durable as it is charming, a mailbox that will make your neighbors envious, and a fire pit that will last just as long as the memories you make around the fire will.

After you work with our amazing team, we are confident that when you think concrete, you’ll think of something beautiful. Call our office to request a quote or ask us any questions you may have about your next project. We are here to help you with solutions that will last longer than your lifetime.  

Step Up Your Outdoor Space

Have the steps and walkways around your home or patio seen better days? Are they cracked, pulling away from the foundation, or just plain ugly?  Let G-Cat Construction in Bartlett, IL help you!

Stepping Up

Whether you need two steps or 32 steps, our team of expert concrete finishers are ready to expertly craft a new set of steps and pathways for your home or business.  During your free consultation, the G-Cat team will discuss design options with you including the desired look of your new concrete steps or concrete walkway.  We offer a traditional concrete finish or we can discuss enhancements like stamped concrete and concrete staining.  And all our stamped stairs and stoops come with the option of decorative edging, giving a beautiful cut-stone edge that looks like natural stone!

Bring the Party Outside

Our concrete work goes far beyond the front door.  Get ready for backyard parties as the G-Cat team of concrete experts help you design your new concrete pool deck and outdoor kitchen.  We even offer full design and installation of fire pits to complete your outdoor living space. 

Proudly serving the greater Chicago area for over 35 years, our team is licensed, bonded and insured, giving you the peace of mind.  We’re proud to say that we received the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2018.

Whatever your concrete needs, contact G-Cat Construction for your complimentary consultation to discuss increasing the value and curb appeal of your property.

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Itasca Concrete | Cold Winter? Now is the Perfect Time to Plan

Concrete Construction in Bartlett

Has snow, sleet, and rain put a hold on your next hardscaping project? A frigid Chicago winter is the perfect time to think warm thoughts and start planning.  Let G-CAT Construction help you.  There’s no project too big or too small for our family operated construction team in Bartlett, IL.

Deciding When It’s Time

Around this time of the year is when you may start to see the wear and tear caused by the winter freeze and thaw cycles.  You might notice new or wider cracks in your existing concrete.  Perhaps your porch or patio is starting to separate from your house.  Maybe you’re observing flooding or pooling water or ice on your concrete from poor drainage. Each of these may be an indicator that it’s time to fix these issues before they become larger ones.  Or, perhaps your residential or office space simply needs a facelift, a fresh update, or a change.

Developing a Plan

At G-CAT Construction, we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch by getting to know your individual needs through a free design consultation.  We will discuss what your practical goals are, what esthetics you’re looking to achieve, what materials would work best, and will design your hardscape to fit you and your space specifically. Best of all, there’s no obligation!

We’ll provide you with a written proposal that outlines our suggestions before we move forward with construction. We proudly serve the areas of Bartlett, Carol Stream, Hoffman Estates, Mount Prospect, Roselle, Schaumburg, and many more.

How do I get started?

Give us a call today at (630) 736-1070 to set up your free consultation.  Once we meet with you, we’ll provide you with a written proposal.  From there, we will finalize on a design plan and we’ll get to work on obtaining permits.  We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and take care of all the details.  Schedule your free consultation with us today.

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