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concrete specialist schaumburgWhen you need a new set of stairs installed for the outside of your house, it can be overwhelming with all the options you have. Our professional team at G-CAT Construction wants to help you choose the perfect stairs or stoop that will fit with the rest of your house. In this article, we have laid out the most important questions we will ask when working with you on your project.

What are they for?

While the most common area for concrete steps are in the front of a home or business, we have installed steps in many different locations. Patios, pool decks, courtyards, and even outdoor kitchens are all areas that may need a set of steps or a stoop. When deciding what steps to choose for your application, we help you choose the right balance between aesthetic and function for the best price.

Plain or stamped?

For each step variation, we offer many different design options that will help your staircase or stoop stand out. If you are looking for a more general look, a plain, smooth staircase can complement your outside area. We can even work with you and create an entirely unique design with our custom stamped option. We also offer decorative edging to give the appearance of natural stone.

What’s your perfect color?

The final step to choosing your perfect stair case is finding what color you want the concrete to be. We can either match your application exactly or choose a complementary color to increase your home’s curb appeal.

With tons of custom color and stamped concrete options, we truly go the extra step to make your concrete look its best! Contact us today to begin your project. 

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