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Concrete Contractor in Bartlett

Concrete Contractor in Bartlett ILA flat yard can be a boring yard. Concrete stairs and seating options can add much needed elevation to your yard. Concrete allows for a customizable solution that fits the vision of your yard you have in your mind. At G-Cat Construction, we have more than three decades of experience creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces with our limitless concrete options.

Seating Options

Concrete solutions can be used to create seating areas and niches. Concrete slabs or steps make for a fun place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We’ve created patio spaces around fire-pits that include a raised space to sit around the fire. Rather than pulling up a lawn chair, we can work with you to create a seating solution that is built into your concrete patio. This allows for a cleaner and more natural look to your yard.


Stairs can turn your yard into a truly unique and interesting space. We can use stamped concrete to create the look of stone or brick stairs. We can also include decorative edging along your stairs to provide for a natural appearance. Stairs can be a great way to accent areas of your patio such as a step up to a dining area or a step down to a lounging space.

Think beyond a flat patio and consider seating spaces, stairs, and stoops to level up your yard. These unique touches will make for an eye-catching and appealing space that you can enjoy while you relax or entertain. To get started with your vision for your yard, contact us for a consultation. Our concrete solutions are customized for each customer. Allow us to shape your yard according to your plans.

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