Concrete’s Curb Appeal

There is a common wisdom to avoid judging books by their covers. However, it is also true that snap judgments are often made based on appearances. Have you considered what your driveway is saying about you?

One of the first things a visitor to your home sees is your driveway. Concrete is a choice material for your driveway, as it can be shaped, colored, stamped, and etched for a visually stunning experience for you and your guests from the road to your doorstep.

Did you know that concrete can last up to 40 years? With basic maintenance, this durable material can last for decades, when installed by the professionals at G-Cat Construction. This cost-effective investment enhances the beauty of your house and sets yours apart from other homes in the neighborhood. With proper care, including annual sealing, your concrete driveway can endure for years, staying beautiful and increasing the value of your property.

Concrete can also handle the extreme Chicagoland temperatures better than materials like asphalt. Whether it’s hot or cold, concrete remains strong. While asphalt will expand and contract based on the temperature causing cracks and holes to form, concrete only reacts to immense pressure or surface movement. This is one of the secrets its low maintenance and longevity.

Lastly, concrete can increase the value of your home. According to, a good first impression from the exterior of your house can add 5% to 10% more value. If a prospective buyer doesn’t like the outside impression your home sets, they are less likely to want to see what’s on the inside. Well-laid concrete can set you apart from the pack and create a curb appeal that can make you proud of your home. Are you ready to smile when you pull into your driveway? Call G-CAT.

Start With The Best: Why Our Customers Love Us

Concrete Contractor in Bartlett ILDeciding to update, enhance, or create a new concrete patio, walkway, or outdoor kitchen area is an enormous commitment. You want your investment to turn out exactly as you envisioned it. In fact, a new concrete sidewalk or outdoor space can enhance the value and curb-appeal of your home, so it is important that it meets your expectations. Our team has more than 35 years of dedicated experience in the western suburbs. When you choose our team, you are choosing the best. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about working with us.

“I had called four other contractors to do my stairs and garage apron. By far G-Cat was the most professional and quite knowledgeable in their work. I always look for the best in customer service, professionalism, and price in that order because a lower price doesn’t mean quality work. Thanks again to the entire G-Cat company from the phone service down to the last stage place on my property.”

– Albert Medina

“We are so pleased with the workmanship on our porch and sidewalk. The crews demonstrated great teamwork and completed the project in a timely and neat manner. Vito kept all efforts organized and jumped in to help the crews as well. We have and will continue to recommend their work. Thanks for a great updated entrance to the house!”

– Andy and Kim Schweik

“We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful new driveway! Vito and his crew were very professional and worked with us to create just what we wanted. We can’t recommend G-Cat highly enough!”

– Chris & Amy Danusiar

If you are looking to spruce up your yard and add value to your property, a new concrete patio, dining area, or welcoming entryway can be the perfect way to achieve those goals. Our team is here to ensure your expectations in design, process, and finished product not only meet but exceed your vision. Our team offers complimentary consultations to make getting started easy.

Contact us today at (630) 736-1070 to schedule a consultation. We can help make your vision a reality.

Roselle Concrete Contractor | Choosing the Right Color

Concrete Contractor in Roselle, IL

You have decided to enhance the appeal and functionality of your yard with a new patio or concrete sidewalk. Next comes the hard part: getting the look right. At G-Cat Construction, our team of professionals have been helping creating beautiful, lasting concrete spaces for more than three decades. We’re here to help you make decisions that you will love. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect color.

Earth Tones

One of the most popular routes for patio or sidewalk colors is to utilize earth tones. This includes colors such as rich browns, terra-cottas, and tans. These colors look great in any yard and offer an appealing contrast from a mostly-green lawn. They also complement many home-siding colors well, ensuring an appealing overall look.


Another popular option for color is gray shades including darker tones such as charcoal or even light gray like most sidewalks. Gray-toned colors are an appealing and subtle choice that work well in most yards. They aren’t distracting. If you are looking for added flare, consider our stamped or textured concrete options designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone or even brick.

Whether you are designing a new outdoor kitchen and dining space or creating an inviting walkway to your front door, concrete offers versatility in design. It’s important to select the right color, one that complements your home and your yard. Our team of design experts can help you find the perfect look for your new concrete surface.

Did you know we offer free design consultations? Contact our team to schedule a meeting with us. Let’s get started on creating the yard of your dreams.

Winter Care for Concrete

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It’s that time of year again! As the threat of the next big snow storm looms overhead, you might be concerned about how to best maintain the integrity of your concrete through the harsh winter months. Below you’ll find some practical steps you can take to help lessen the damage that winter can do to concrete.

Keep Your Concrete Clear

The simplest step you can take to help maintain your concrete over the winter is to keep it clear. By removing any snow or ice that might build up, you can reduce the stress put on the concrete by the repeated freezing and thawing of water molecules in and on the concrete. Using a plastic shovel to clear snow as it falls is the easiest way to avoid this.

Say No to Salt

Sprinkling salt is a common technique for melting ice and snow. However, salt is incredibly corrosive and can cause both immediate and long-term damage to all types of concrete. If shoveling is inadequate in keeping your patio, walkway, or driveway free of snow or ice, consider instead spreading sand or fine gravel. These will help add traction without the harsh effects of salt. Whether you use one of these options or need to rely on salt alternatives after a particularly bad storm, you should shovel the melted snow and ice off the concrete as soon as possible.

Prepare Before the Winter

Before next winter, you might want to consider treating your concrete with a protective layer to help mitigate the damaging effects of snow, ice, and salt. This can give you peace of mind and help your concrete to last longer, as the protective layer will absorb the effects of winter before they have a chance to impact your concrete.

If you’re concerned that your patio, driveway, or sidewalk is not ready to handle the challenge that winter can present, or if you’d like to learn more about proper care and maintenance, contact G-Cat Construction today!

Bartlett Concrete Contractor | Seating and Stairs

Concrete Contractor in Bartlett

Concrete Contractor in Bartlett ILA flat yard can be a boring yard. Concrete stairs and seating options can add much needed elevation to your yard. Concrete allows for a customizable solution that fits the vision of your yard you have in your mind. At G-Cat Construction, we have more than three decades of experience creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces with our limitless concrete options.

Seating Options

Concrete solutions can be used to create seating areas and niches. Concrete slabs or steps make for a fun place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We’ve created patio spaces around fire-pits that include a raised space to sit around the fire. Rather than pulling up a lawn chair, we can work with you to create a seating solution that is built into your concrete patio. This allows for a cleaner and more natural look to your yard.


Stairs can turn your yard into a truly unique and interesting space. We can use stamped concrete to create the look of stone or brick stairs. We can also include decorative edging along your stairs to provide for a natural appearance. Stairs can be a great way to accent areas of your patio such as a step up to a dining area or a step down to a lounging space.

Think beyond a flat patio and consider seating spaces, stairs, and stoops to level up your yard. These unique touches will make for an eye-catching and appealing space that you can enjoy while you relax or entertain. To get started with your vision for your yard, contact us for a consultation. Our concrete solutions are customized for each customer. Allow us to shape your yard according to your plans.

For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us.

Bartlett Concrete | Protect Your Concrete from the Harsh Winter

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The winter months can be very damaging to concrete. There are many ways to maintain the appearance of your concrete driveway, patio, or sidewalk. This requires a careful eye to attention as well as taking precautions to avoid certain harmful substances. Here is what you need to know about keeping your concrete surface protected during the winter months.

Deicers & Road Salt

Chemicals are engineered to make slippery surfaces safer, which can have a damaging effect on your concrete. Avoid using a deicer that contains ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate. Road salts made from calcium or sodium chloride can also leave permanent damage to your concrete. Sand is a good alternative to deicing materials with harsh chemicals.

Avoid Steel

When shoveling or plowing snow off of your concrete walkway or driveway, refrain from using steel blade equipment. We recommend sticking to a rubber or plastic shovel. This will minimize damage to your beautiful concrete surface.

Seal Your Surface

G-Cat Construction offers concrete sealant designed to protect your concrete surfaces from the harsh winter elements. Sealant is often added after your concrete has been cured, which typically occurs about one month later. Our team of professionals will clean your concrete surface before applying sealant.

Do not let the winter months ruin all your hard work. If you want to keep your concrete walkway, patio, or driveway looking new all year long, proper winter care is necessary. By avoiding harmful salts and deicers, as well as refraining from steel blade plows or shovels, you can minimize damage.

Contact us to learn more about sealing your concrete and protecting it from the elements.

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3 Reasons Concrete Patios are an Excellent Investment

Are you looking to spruce up your property?  A concrete patio is an excellent investment for your home. Here are three reasons why you should consider updating your backyard with a professionally designed and installed concrete patio.

  1. Concrete Patios are Durable

Unlike a wooden deck, concrete patios are far more durable and long lasting. They also can withstand our Chicago winters better than other materials. Our team can seal your concrete surface to ensure that it not only lasts long, but retains its new appearance and color without cracks.

  1. Concrete Patios are Easy to Maintain

When you have a wooden deck, you have to regularly paint it, stain it, or seal it to keep it looking new and free from rot. With a concrete patio, you don’t have to worry about termites destroying your beautiful backyard, nor do you have to think about unsightly wood splintering. Concrete requires very little upkeep, giving you more time to enjoy your yard.

  1. Concrete Patios Add Value

A beautiful concrete patio can add value to your property. Many homeowners are skeptical towards purchasing a home with a yard that requires constant upkeep. With a concrete patio, not only will your property look nice, but it will not require additional work to maintain its perfect appearance. Concrete patios make for an attractive selling point.

Are you considering a concrete patio for your yard? The G-Cat Construction team can help you every step of the way. We offer complimentary consultations scheduled for your convenience. We’ll discuss the design process and your options for colors, shapes, and other customizable features for your new patio. After your patio has had sufficient time to cure, we’ll seal it to maintain its brand new appearance. Our team of professionals have been helping clients for more than 35 years.

To get started transforming your yard, contact our team today.

60103 Concrete Contractor | Shape Your World

Bartlett IL Concrete Contractor

bartlett il concrete contractorYour yard is your own space. It can be a retreat from the indoors. If you are looking to spruce up your yard and your outdoor world, consider thinking outside the box with shaped concrete options. We can create a space for you that is eye-catching, unique, and one that adds value to your property.

One of the best features concrete has to offer is its endless ability to be customized and shaped. We can create a sidewalk or patio space for you that curves and angles its way across your property. Subtle curving can be an attractive way to incorporate landscaping into your yard as well, by including plantings along your concrete space. Consider adding flowers or bushes along your curved or shaped space. This will give the appearance of a more naturally landscaped yard, as opposed to planting in a straight line. Curved and shaped patio spaces are also a great way to accent certain features of your space. You can create a special dining space on your patio or a relaxing fire-pit location by shaping your patio around your needs.

We can also create a space for you using stamped concrete. Stamped concrete can be utilized to mimic the look and feel of natural stone or brick. This provides a more reasonable alternative to these other materials. Concrete is also more customizable than these other materials.

Your yard is your world. Add some flair by adding a shaped concrete patio or walkway. A unique space like this can add value to your property. Your custom, one-of-a-kind space will be an ideal location for relaxing or entertaining guests as well. Get started with a consultation today to see what we can do for your yard.

For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us.
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Concrete Contractors Bartlett | The Importance of Sealing Your Concrete

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Concrete Contractor BartlettCracks in your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio are unsightly. They can make a beautiful backyard escape or welcoming walkway look unkempt. Luckily, you can prevent cracks and damage to your concrete by sealing it. The G-Cat Construction team specializes in sealing concrete spaces.

Seal in The Color

At G-Cat Construction, we offer many colors and stains to personalize your concrete walkway, patio, or driveway. When you choose the perfect color, you expect that it will last a lifetime and retain its original appearance. Sealing your concrete can help protect the color and stain. Sealing concrete also helps to protect your space from damage and stains from oil, road salt, or other chemicals.

Seal Out the Elements

The weather in our area can be particularly burdensome on concrete. We live in a region known for experiencing a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year. This can put a strain on your concrete driveway, concrete patio, or other concrete space. Concrete absorbs liquid. When temperatures fall into freezing territory, liquids will expand. This can lead to cracking as it stresses your concrete surface. Sealant can help prevent this from happening to you.

Sealing your concrete surface will not alter or damage the appearance of it in any way. In fact, it will help preserve its appearance for years to come.

It is important that your driveway, patio, sidewalk or other surface has sufficient time to cure before applying sealant. In most instances, this typically takes one month after the time of pouring. Our expert team will help you determine when the best time for sealing is.

Protect your concrete surface from unsightly cracks. Don’t let the weather and elements destroy the appearance of your space. Our team of professionals will help you ensure your concrete surface lasts for years. Contact us to learn more.

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Bartlett Concrete Specialist | The G-Cat Construction Difference

Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor Bartlett, ILWhat makes our team unique? We are proud to be the leading concrete contractor serving the western suburbs of Chicago. If you are ready to transform your backyard with a new patio or boost your home’s curb appeal with a new driveway, we can help you plan, design, and create your new space. Our trusted, experienced team of contractors believe in providing you with high-quality workmanship and dedication to customer service. Here’s what makes us unique.


We have more than 35 years of experience in offering unparalleled service to our clients. Our dedication to service stems from our roots as a family owned and operated business. We care about our community, and it gives us immense pride to help beautify and restore our clients’ homes. From the smallest walkway projects, to commercial driveway spaces, we have a wide-range of experience in creating lasting and attractive concrete surfaces.


We offer a flexible approach to the design and implementation process. We know you are busy, that’s why we offer free, no obligation consultations on your schedule. We will meet with you on weekday evenings or Saturdays. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your options and design ideas. You deserve to work with a team that is open to your thoughts.


With more than three decades of professional experience, you will also benefit from our guidance and expertise. We will set up any building inspections necessary depending on your town or village’s laws. Additionally, we will guide you on color and design choices meant to enhance the appearance of your property without sacrificing functionality.

We can help make your dream a reality. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for in a new patio, or are considering what options are available to you for a new driveway or walkway, we can help. When you choose to work with our team you not only benefit from our extensive experience, but you will also work with a flexible team that can provide insightful guidance to move your project from the drawing board to your property.

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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