Concrete in Bartlett |How to Avoid Sealer Whitening

With cold temperatures and stormy weather in our horizons, sealing your concrete in Bartlett can become a tricky process. Moisture and other issues may lead to whitening when sealing decorative concrete, leaving a patchy or cloudy finish. In this article, we cover some of the reasons that sealers can blanch and how to avoid them.

Moisture Problems

Concrete is like a sponge, in that it is porous and absorbs water. New concrete is full of moisture from the initial mixing process. As your concrete project dries out, this moisture evaporates through the surface and into the air. Sometimes, this moisture in your concrete can come into contact with the sealer during application, causing unwanted whitening. Because of this, multiple kinds of sealers have been created to handle moisture differently.

Different Types of Sealers

Decorative sealers are typically more sensitive to moisture and require application after the curing process, which takes at least one month. If applying these kinds of sealers to your concrete before it has had time to cure or dry out, the moisture will become trapped under, ruining the decorative effect. At G-Cat Construction, we recommend waiting the full curing cycle to apply a sealer to your concrete project.

Thinner sealers are recommended when dealing with heavy moisture in your concrete. This allows a thinner membrane for any moisture to escape during the sealing process, reducing or eliminating the possibility of unwanted whitening.

Meet Your Concrete Sealing Experts

Whether you are dealing with a residential or commercial project, sealing concrete can be a difficult process to perfect, especially with high-moisture or cold weather. Our team has decades of experience in sealing, and we are willing to share our expertise. In addition, we offer concrete contracting for driveways, patios, stamped concrete, stairs, stoops, and decorative stonework. Contact our team for your next project dealing with concrete in Bartlett, IL.

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