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When renovating or building a house from scratch, most people ignore the garage flooring. However, it is the first thing a person coming over will notice once they walk in. It is essentially the foundation on which the rest of the interior design of your house or office will depend. Therefore, to impress or put life into your space, it is important that you pay attention to the flooring.

You must invest your time and energy looking for flooring solutions that fulfill your expectations. It may be difficult to find a solution on your own as you may not be familiar with the requirements of a good flooring. Thankfully, if you are a resident of Schaumburg you can take help from our experts here at G Cat Constructions. We give you solutions based on your needs and what is popular in the market at the moment.

For instance, at the moment the most popular flooring that has the public floored is Epoxy flooring. More and more people rush over to us every day to get epoxy flooring not just for their garage but for other things as well. There is also a large number of people who, when seeing epoxy flooring, have decided on the flooring of their homes, offices and other corporate places. If you are someone who is not aware about epoxy flooring, don’t worry we have got you covered.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a substance that is made using a blend of hardeners and resins. That gives way to a chemical reaction which in turn becomes a plastic hard material. The plastic consists of cross-polymer structures that are incredibly strong and used to cover surfaces such as floors, tabletops and more. When it comes to flooring, the chemicals are poured over a hard concrete floor making it sturdier.

The process requires multiple coatings which is why the process takes up a few days. Experts add layers with a gap of a few days in between to ensure that the flooring turns out as expected. It is because of these multiple layers that epoxy flooring is considered a strong and sturdy alternative to other options. Furthermore, epoxy floors are also considered to be stainless, which is the dream of every mother with children running around in the house. All you need is a rag and you can wipe off all the stains without putting much effort in.

If you own a shop, a warehouse or even a garage, epoxy flooring can save you from the heartache of having horribly stained floors. The story does not end there. Epoxy flooring is also more aesthetically pleasing when compared to other options. Many people have been using them for the most important rooms in their houses: the living rooms. This shows how their popularity is increasing day by day.

Don’t Confuse Epoxy Flooring With Concrete Polishing

Many people often easily confuse the two. Concrete polishing is a lot different than epoxy flooring. It is found to be less stain resistant among other things. Many times they have also proven to be less sturdy which is why getting epoxy flooring is a better solution. It is also very difficult to achieve a shiny look as that of epoxy flooring with concrete polishing. Concrete flooring is often rough and has scratches. These show on the floor and do not look very pleasing to the eye. This is why generally, it is a better idea to go with epoxy floors rather than concrete ones. You will not find that shine that epoxy floors give you.

How To Choose Between Epoxy And Epoxy Resin?

We often receive questions such as what is a better option between Epoxy and Epoxy Resin. This question is essentially baseless as these two are not apart but used together in a combination to give your floor the best possible look.

However, they too are sometimes used separately. The differences between the two are extremely difficult to spot as they are practically the same.

Why Should You Get Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a great choice for many reasons. If you live in Schaumburg and are still at a crossroad whether epoxy flooring is a good option for you, here are some benefits to help you decide.

  1. Hassle Free Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is truly the most hassle free flooring. To keep it clean you don’t have to worry yourself. It is pretty straightforward, just mop the floor and you’ll get rid of all the dirt. Epoxy flooring is a hard dry surface which means there is no chance for any sort of bacteria or other moisture induced organisms to grow.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

The biggest benefit of having epoxy flooring is that they light up the room and all the decorations with it. If you want to give your room a sleek look, it is a good idea to get epoxy flooring for it. You can even go ahead and include other decoratives within the floor. For instance you can have quartz or even mica embedded into the flooring. This can give your room a professional look easily.

  1. Long Lasting

Once you get epoxy flooring done, you don’t have to get it redone every now and then. It will last you a long time. Since it is sturdy there is very less chance of damage to the floor.

  1. Highly Affordable

Epoxy flooring does not demand you to take off your floor entirely. All you need to do is get the epoxy flooring and it will be as good as new. In addition to that it is a good investment as you won’t have to add more money for its upkeep.

  1. Chemical Resistant

If it is your garage that you are getting floored then you will absolutely love epoxy flooring. The best part about it is that it does not get damaged by any kind of chemicals or oils. You can easily work on your car and wipe off all the chemicals or oil you might have dropped.

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