Hoffman Estates Concrete | How to Protect Patio Concrete and Make it Last Longer

concrete specialist in schaumburgResidential concrete slabs have become increasingly popular because they are low cost, require little maintenance, and contain long lasting beauty. Properly installed slabs, stamped or plain, can even last up to 40 years when properly maintained. Enjoy your concrete patio even more by following these four steps to preserve your concrete for years to come.

Keep it clean

The natural process of erosion is the enemy to any outside structure, including concrete. However, you can delay these affects by keeping your concrete clean and free from stains, dirt, and debris. We encourage our clients to invest in a power washer as it can save you valuable time and money when cleaning your concrete.

Apply a Sealer

Treating your concrete annually with a sealer will protect the longevity and beauty of it. Sealants make your concrete more resistant to harsh weather conditions, water, erosion, and any other chemical or debris that can cause harm. When applied improperly, sealants can leave a streaky or uneven outcome, so if you aren’t confident in applying your sealer, contact us today for help.

Maintain Plant Growth

Roots from trees and other surrounding plants can cause cracks in your concrete by pushing up through the ground. Cracks in concrete are non-repairable and can only be replaced. You can avoid cracks from happening by trimming underground growth around your patio area.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

While a sealant is a chemical that protects your concrete, there are other chemicals that can cause harm to it. Chemicals such as deicing salts, chlorides, ammonia, sulfates and more can speed up the erosion process and attack your concrete directly. Avoid using these chemicals to ensure your concrete lasts.

For more tips on maintaining your concrete patio to last, contact us today!

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