Concrete Sealing

Sealing your concrete:

Concrete is a surface that can last for decades if properly maintained. Treating your patio or driveway annually with concrete sealers will provide longevity and beauty. If properly applied, your concrete will become more resistant to harsh winter conditions, water, salts and even tough grease stains. G-Cat highly recommends sealing both stamped and traditional concrete annually. It is important to have a company with experience to complete this task. If not properly cleaned and prepared, you can trap in dirt and stains which can change the appearance of the concrete. This can also compromise the bond between the sealer and the surface. Applying the sealer without experience can create a streaky and uneven outcome. We always use the best product on the market and provided the best customer service whether your concrete was freshly poured or just needs a new glow.

Maintaining your concrete:

G-Cat will never cut any corners when installing your concrete. We use all reinforcements that are required and even choose a cleaner aggregate for your mix of concrete. This will reduce the chance of “popouts” from deleterious material. Popouts are primarily caused by pieces of aggregate particles having a high absorption and relatively low density. These pieces of aggregate absorb larger amount of water, and then expand during freezing temperatures. The standard specification allows up to 5% of this material mixed into the concrete but the mix we use has only up to 2% included. G-Cat recommends not using deicing salts, such as calcium or sodium chloride during the winter months. Never use ammonium sulfate or nitrates as a deicer, these chemicals will destroy concrete surfaces. Applying clean sand for traction is the safest way to go.