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Concrete is a strong, durable surface that can last for decades if properly maintained, sometimes up to 40 years. Treating your patio or driveway annually with concrete sealers will protect the longevity and beauty of your investment. When properly applied, sealant makes your concrete more resistant to harsh Chicagoland winter conditions, water, salts and even tough grease stains.


Our talented team at G-Cat highly recommends sealing both stamped and traditional concrete annually. It is important to have an experienced professional to complete this routine maintenance. If not properly cleaned and prepared, your sealant can trap in dirt and stains which affect the appearance of the concrete and can compromise the bond between the sealer and the surface.


Additionally, applying the sealer without experience can create a streaky and uneven outcome. At G-CAT Construction, our team is trained and experienced to ensure excellent concrete sealing results. We always use the best product on the market while providing excellent customer service.


Not only do we provide great customer service, we promise to never cut corners. We use all the reinforcements that are required and will even choose a cleaner aggregate for the mix of your concrete. This reduces the chances of pop-outs from deleterious material.


Whether your concrete was freshly poured or just needs a new glow, we provide top of the line service, excellent attention to detail, and a great experience from our highly motivated team.  We treat both you and your concrete with personalized, professional care.


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