Concrete Contractors Bartlett | Why You Need to Seal Your Concrete

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We often stress the importance of sealing your concrete surfaces to our clients. Concrete surfaces will retain their appearance and last longer when they are sealed. Here is what you need to know about sealing your concrete.


Here in Chicagoland, our concrete surfaces are exposed to a wide range of temperatures and weather elements. Concrete absorbs liquids. When temperatures dip below freezing, any liquid the surface absorbed will expand. This can lead to damage such as cracks.

Protect the Color

Your concrete patio or driveway is a decorative element to your property. Naturally, you will want to keep the color looking like it did when it was first poured. Sealing concrete surfaces will help protect against stains from oil, chemicals, road salt, and other liquids.

Wait for Curing

Sealant should be applied to concreate after it has had ample time to cure. This usually occurs after approximately one month. After this period, sealant can then be applied to protect your surface for years to come.

Will it Change the Appearance?

Don’t worry, your surface will not be ruined by sealant. We pride ourselves on working with customers to create patterns and colors that are attractive. Sealant does not take away from that.

To ensure your surface lasts for years to come, it is important to seal your concrete. This will protect it from the elements, as well as stains. When planning your project, talk to us about sealant options and what will work best for your concrete surface.

For questions regarding sealants or to schedule your consultation, please contact us.